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A new sport for your youth can be a daunting task. New rules, new lingo, new gear, new people to meet, and new coaches. All of this can be very overwhelming. Do not fear this is a very welcoming sport and very welcoming coaching staff. We will try to lay out some of the most common questions here.


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Shotgun Sport Basic Training

Knowing is half the battle

Who are we?

We are a 4H Program under the University of Clemson Extension Services. Our coaches are certified at a minimum by 4H Shooting Sports. Many coaches are also certified instructors/coaches with the National Rifle Association and the South Carolina Youth Shooting Foundation.

We demand that both youth and adults treat each other with the utmost respect. We do not tolerate bullying or profanity and expect our athletes to support each other, their coaches, and the club.

First Visit.

To start off you need just yourself and your child. We like to do a quick meet and greet so we can get to know you and your child. During this meeting, we will talk more about the program, what you and your child expect to get out of it and what it cost. We will also head out to one of the fields to take a few practice shots. The coach will control all that ammunition during this visit to ensure everyone can be safe.


You would be excited if I told you this was free. Sorry, it is not. Shooting sports are expensive. They are also mentally demanding. An entry-level athlete will spend close to $200 on targets and around $400 for ammunition. If they do not have a shotgun, then there is this added expense. Shotguns vary wildly in cost, but a reliable semi-auto shotgun will run $1200+ in cost. Do not buy one before you try out some of the ones the other athletes have. We want to make a good decision the first time. We will discuss this topic further a little bit later.


If you and your youth decide to become competitive in one of the youth shooting organizations, there is also travel cost, match fees, and food and drink costs. The program travels all over the state of South Carolina, competing against other youth teams. Match fees vary but they run from $25 to $80 depending on the event and organization. It is a great time, and we make sure to make it fun. We often tailgate or have a team dinner after a long day on the fields.


Here are the basic required costs per year:

  • Young Guns Program Fee: $40

  • Scholastic Clay Target Program: $25

  • 4-H Membership: $15

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