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Chokes are used to help form the desired shot pattern. They make the shotgun barrels more narrow. By making the barrels more narrow, the distance at which a target can be hit increases. Most modern shotguns will come with two or three chokes. What type of chokes each manufacture provides will vary a little. For Young Guns, there will be at least three different chokes they will need.

Skeet - Used for skeet shooting and, in some cases, sporting clays.

Improved Cylinder - Used in skeet and sporting clays. Most modern sporting shotguns come with an improved cylinder choke. In the case of an over-under shotgun, one skeet choke and one improved cylinder choke will work fine for skeet shooting.

Light Modified - This is a good choke for trap and sporting clays. It provides a good pattern for targets at a moderate distance (30 yards).

Extended or Flush chokes?

Extended chokes are very common for aftermarket purchase. They extend slightly beyond the end of the barrel, which makes them easy to change. Additionally, extended chokes are typically marked with letters or numbers that identify the type of chokes they are.

Flush chokes sit flush with the end of the barrel. These typically need a choke key to remove them. The only way to identify flush chokes is by looking at the notches on the end of the choke.

How do I find the chokes I need? 

There is a link below to Carlson Chokes. They have been in business since the 80s and make some of the best chokes for the money. The key to getting the correct chokes is going to be in the shotgun's user manual. You need to know the manufacturer, model, and gauge of your gun. It is also beneficial to know what type of choke thread your shotgun has. Many manufacturers share choke threads. For example, Beretta's choke threads are shared by many Italian shotgun manufactures. When buying chokes for your shotgun, do not be surprised when the choke manufacturer tells you that you need Beretta or Remington chokes.

Click the Carlson Chokes button below and find your chokes. Look for Sporting Clays chokes.

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